The University of Virginia licensing program was established in 1982 to protect and promote the indicia (marks, names, and logos) of the University of Virginia. The University’s licensing program is administered by the UVa athletics department with licensing revenues benefiting the athletics department and overall University programs.  Through the use of the University’s indicia, the UVa licensing program seeks to preserve and promote the University’s long-standing reputation of academic and athletic excellence. The program licenses only those products that are appropriate in keeping with the mission of the institution.

In 1983, UVa entered into a partnership with the Collegiate Licensing Company (CLC) to help market, manage, and protect the use of the University’s indicia. Currently, 438 licensees have the rights to produce products bearing the University’s indicia.

Individuals, groups and organizations, both on and off Grounds that desire to use the University’s marks, must have permission from the University’s licensing office. We hope you will find this website informative and easy to use. Should you have any additional questions, please call the licensing office at 434-982-5600 or e-mail us at licensing@virginia.edu.